Days and Hours

dog boarding

Dog Boarding Rates

1 Dog

1-7 Nights

Add $12 for each additional
dog in the same kennel.

10% discount applied nights

*Applies on the 17th night. Averages $19/night.

2 Dogs

1-7 Nights

Averages $25/night each dog.

Averages $23/night for each dog.

Averages $375/month or $12.50/night each.

3 Dogs

1-7 Nights

Averages $20.67/night each dog.

Averages $19.34/night each dog.

Averages $310/month or $10.34/night each.

4 Dogs

1-7 Nights

Averages $18.50/night each dog.

Averages $18.50/night each dog.

Averages $278/month or $9.25/night each.

Howliday Rates

Our holiday rates increase by $5 per day on the holiday weekends of the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and the Hanukkah/Christmas/New Year dates of 12-22 to 1-2. Every holiday requires a 3-night minimum. The increase only applies to the first dog or cat.

Holiday reservations should be made early to ensure availability.

We are closed for checking-in and

checking-out on the day of the actual holiday

Spaw Services

Dog Grooming at Creekside consists of a basic bath and brush out. Prices start at $25 for tiny shorthair dogs and increases with the dog’s size and length/condition of coat. All bath reservations include ear cleaning and nail clipping. Nail trimming by itself is $10. We do not clip or shave but anticipate the addition of a certified dog groomer in the future.

The Creekside Laundromutt
is Now Open!

All Dogs or Cats are $14 each.
We can save your home from “Wet Dog Smell”.

Our DO IT YOURSELF dog or cat bathing facility is available by appointment for all those who want to wash their own dog or cat.

We supply the best and healthiest selections of quality shampoos, luxurious coat conditioners, whiteners, and ear or eye cleaners.

Use our disinfected brushes, combs, and nail clippers or bring your own. We offer fresh towels and professional dog dryers for your drying convenience.

If needed, instruction is available at no extra cost.

Vaccination Details

Required for Dogs:

Bordetella, Distemper, Parvo, Rabies.

Required for Cats:

FVRCP, Rabies. Vaccinations should be given 5 to 10 days prior to boarding.

Please bring proof of current vaccinations, upload on our “Reservations” page along with your reservation, or have your vet fax it to (805) 481-7712.

Proof of vaccinations is essential before your pet’s visit.

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