Offering A Variety of Yards for Every Dog, Every Day

Safety and comfort are important matters when it comes to a pet’s home away from home. Creekside yards are built with heavy-gauge chain link and buried concrete curbs to secure even the most determined diggers. There are solid separations to discourage arguments through fences, plenty of shade, and mini swimming pools on the few extra hot days. The double-gated entries add security for those enthusiastic gate rushers and the fully covered yards are available to handle jumpers and climbers. We also use our covered yards on rainy days so daycare customers don’t have to leave work to pick up a wet dog! We have you covered!

We have more of the largest play yards in the pet care industry featuring synthetic grass, real grass, or a mixture of synthetic grass and textured concrete. The sheer number of our all-day play yards ensures appropriate play groups for small dogs, large dogs, young dogs, and the geriatric.  Allowing dogs to play (or sleep) all day in a yard is far superior than housing them in all-concrete enclosures for 24 hours a day.


Just Ask our V.I.P.’s (Very Important Pets) What they Think of Creekside!