Welcome to Creekside’s All New Kitty City!

The future of luxury cat boarding is here at Creekside’s cattery in San Luis Obispo County. Our exclusive Kitty City is a separate building that provides a safe and secure sanctuary for the most finicky felines. Boarding cats is a specialty we take seriously and meeting the core needs of every kitty is our primary goal.


Creekside offers the pawsitive interaction some cats crave, but we all know that it’s still up to them to decide if they want to cuddle, boss us around, or just ignore our very existence.


At Creekside’s Kitty City, the cattery purrrks include a constant flow of fresh air with ceiling fans as well as heating and air conditioning as needed. Every enclosure has solid privacy panels, separate food and water areas, and discreet “privies” that keeps litter boxes from the living areas. Some enclosures even offer the luxury of window seats to lounge or gaze at outside bird feeders.

Creekside Cat Boarding Options

We have two types of vacation homes that ensure home-like amenities for every personality;

Upscale Cat Condos

Our Cat Condos feature spacious modules that exceed veterinarian guidelines for feline housing. They are solid molded enclosures that keeps noise to a minimum for the shy kitty and provides the secure feeling that a wire enclosure just can’t offer. Each spacious enclosure has a lounging shelf and a separate “privy” enclosure.

Our cat condo boarding comes with daily play room time in our exclusive Kitty Playland enclosure. Cats from different families have their own playtime and are not mixed. Kitty Playland provides window seats, wall climbing shelves, ramps, hide-and-go-seek boxes, cat nip toys, and of course scratching posts.


Walk-In Suites

Our walk-in suites are perfect for multiple cat boarding (from the same family) or for the energetic exploring of the hunter or goofball. There are wall-mounted climbing shelves to perch on, scratching posts, and hiding structures that many cats find so comforting. Soothing sounds of the natural environment such as rainfall, ocean waves, or other comforting recordings keep all luxury kitty campers purrrfectly content!

Cat boarding should involve promoting the natural behaviors of hiding, perching, climbing, and expressing any playful predatory behavior in an interactive environment. Our cattery exceeds these most basic standards and allows each cat to choose the level of interaction they want.

Other Pet Boarding

We welcome birds, hamsters, bunnies, and other domesticated family pets. Please bring their usual cage or aquarium and special feed. Prices start at $12 per day for small household pets and go up according to the level of care involved.

Please call for pricing & boarding availability for pets other than cats, dogs, or birds.

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